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Global Presence

Resource Square Inc. opens office in USA to cater global IT Needs to provide value added services.



Resource Square Inc. offers its clients comprehensive yet cost-effective managed services solutions for the ongoing management, Business as usual support and maintenance of your entire technical infrastructure, employees, strategic and tactical business initiatives that blends into your organization.


Resource Square Inc. consulting solutions are aimed at accelerating the value of IT to business. We focus on helping IT become agile, by helping bridge the strategy-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature and industry-specific consulting solutions to address key business challenges and to achieve specific outcomes in rapid timeframes aligning to current market needs.


Resource Square Inc. application services portfolio spans almost every part of our customer’s IT landscape from custom development, testing, system integration, deployment to maintenance and support.


Resource Square Inc. performance services concentrates on the continuous improvement and optimization of process, resources by automating, managing, measuring and analyzing core operational processes by gaining insight to your end-to-end processes, and can focus investment and change programs where performance can best be improved.


Resource Square Inc. Infra Services offers a complete spectrum of Infrastructure Management Services from consulting and strategizing on infrastructure initiatives to Infrastructure management through remote service delivery models


Resource Square Inc. Unique offshore services having full-time dedicated resources at a large facility with various skill sets working for US clients at competitive prices. Due to the time differential between India and the U.S, IT Staff in India get requirements in the morning (IST). They process the requirements till evening and send the processed requirements back to the U.S by end of their day, which is the next morning for the U.S team. This enables a virtual 24-hour processing turn around with a quick response time to our clients also reduces overall operating costs, while creating an increased bandwidth.


Resource Square Inc. is always committed to excel in emerging, latest and greatest technologies by upgrading and providing clients a wide spectrum of niche services.


Resource Square Inc. focus is to provide guaranteed quality IT services, no frills, no drills, Just Quality.