HR Consulting

The function of HR cannot be underestimated in the corporate world as it holds the key to an organization's success. Keeping the pivotal role played by this important division in mind, we provide a range of services designed to keep the client's machinery functioning smoothly without a hitch.

  • HR Audit & Benchmark: Arriving at a clear picture of the organization's status in terms of effective utilization of human resources, compliance with laws and regulations and whether the systems put in place to ensure these are yielding the expected results.
  • HR Vision and Strategy: Enabling the client to start with a vision and then using the right strategy to reach the goals envisaged.
  • Multiple-process optimization and continuous improvement: Exploiting opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity and optimize processes through skilled personnel management.
  • HR Skills and Capability Assessment: Focusing on development needs and defining skills required by determining the dormant abilities people have and which may respond to training or development process to the organization's advantage.
  • Technology Enablement: Providing solutions that bridge the gap between technology and operational complexities and challenges.
  • HR Sourcing Strategy: Adding value to an organization by identifying and locating talent through proactive recruitment techniques to increase productivity and decrease attrition thereby accomplishing business goals.