HR Outsourcing

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Outsourcing non-core transactional processes pertaining to HR and broader back-office support functions is a tactical move made by many organizations to optimize and improve their administrative process while significantly reducing the costs involved.

We help you find the right people for the right job whatever the duration of the requirement is-long-term or short-term or a one-time specific challenge without adding to your liabilities. We make available that crucial support that prevents you from making costly mistakes.

Our services are:

  • Full-time: On-site HR and Other Functional representation
  • Part-time: On site HR and Other Functional representation


  • Flexibility
  • Reduced cost of staffing and recruiting
  • Temporary to permanent possibility
  • Staffing according to the requirements of the business
  • Increased revenue per employee because of minimum payroll accounting, tax and maintenance expenses
  • Access to strong database of candidates